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After I see salt on the road, it is too late to get my vehicle oil sprayed.

Even with salt already on the roads, our deep penetrating oil spray seeps into all the cracks and crevices coating the metal and painted surfaces protecting them from the exposure that salt or other alternate road deicing solutions can cause. If you feel there is a large quantity of salt on the undercarriage of your vehicle, it is possible to run through a quick car wash that includes under-spraying prior to your appointment. This will be dry enough to have the oil spray applied after just a short drive. It is never too late to have your vehicle protected.

Anti-Rust Oil Spray was established in 1984. We provide oil spray rustproofing on new and used vehicles as well as complete shampooing and detailing, polishing and waxing on cars, trucks, boats and RV’s. We also do window tinting and vehicle accessories. Also specializing in removal of industrial fallout & overspray.

We are a small business which allows us to maintain a very personal customer rapport. This important customer relationship enables us to have a strong repeat customer base as well as promoting our business via satisfied customer testimonies and word of mouth.

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